The smart way to sell your stuff!

We take care of the hassle, you sit back and relax.

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The 'Traditional' garage sale...

The old garage sale

You spend hours gathering, cleaning, sorting and laying your items out. Then you wait, hoping that the few neighborhood signs you put out will entice enough people by your house to purchase everything.

Our Way...

The Grand Slam Garage Sale

We do everything for you! We come to your home, catalog your items, place them online for millions to see, notify our lists of interested buyers, and take care of shipping or delivering the items.

Let us take care of your sale!

Worried About Selling Online?

Don't Be...We Do Absolutely Everything!

Garage sales made easy!

We come to your home and photograph & catalog everything you want to sell.

Online garage sales

We place your items online and e-mail notifications to our registered subscribers letting them know what is available.

Online garage and yard sales

Your items are available for viewing and purchasing by people around the country.

Garage sale items

Items are purchased, we take care of shipping and transfer of the items to the buyers while you sit back and relax! We make this a simple quick process.

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